George Gershwin (1932)
Gustav Holst (1914-16)
Urmas Sisask (1990)
Igor Stravinsky (1913)
Gustav Holst (1914-16)
Allen Shawn (1994)
Claude Debussy (1914)
Paul Schoenfield (1984)
Samuel Barber (1951)
Leonard Bernstein (1957)
Harold Shapero (1941)
Gustav Holst (1914-16)
Joe Duddell (2000)
John Corigliano (1972)
Gustav Holst (1914-16)
Maurice Ravel (1920)
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Gramophone nod

12/7/2015 (London)


Gramophone Magazine features ZOFO Plays Terry Riley in Critics Choice issue, Favorite Recordings of 2015.



> Etude from the Old Country
> Jaztine
> Half-Wolf Dances Mad in Moonlight
> Simone's Lullaby
> G Song
> Cinco de Mayo


VIDEO:  ZOFO on Terry Riley

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